Our aim is to help each individual student achieve academic and personal success. 

Here to guide you.

As counselors, and as with the rest of the ISM faculty, we strive to promote a healthy balance between work, rest, and play. We believe in education for healthy growth. We guide and support students as they embrace the important process of self-discovery vital not only to an appropriate college search, but also to a successful transition to and adult life. We believe that the college counseling process begins and ends with the student and our goal is to help students find learning environments that best fit their unique talents and interests. When embarking on the college search process, parents and students should keep in mind that college should not be considered as a prize to be won, but rather focus on finding a good match. It is crucial that students take the time to find the school for them and not apply to a school simply because of its name.

A key element in a student-centered approach to the college process is the clear expectation that the student will take control. We strive to enable students to develop a fuller sense of autonomy and responsibility. As such, our job is to guide, counsel, probe, refer, suggest and iform. The student is ultimately the one responsible for the key decisions in driving the process forward. Students must be responsible for signing up for the appropriate standardized test and meeting application deadlines. A key to accomplish these things is using our ISM website, ISM HS Counseling Site, and college software Cialfo.

As students begin thinking about post-secondary plans, there are a lot of things to consider. The first step is for students to take some time to get to know themselves before thinking about college. The College Counseling program and this site are designed to provide support for students and parents throughout the search and application process.