Hello Juniors!

This page is dedicated to you and it includes all the resources that the counselors share with you in your Junior Year. 

Counselors' Message:

Junior year is an exciting time when students begin the college research process. We encourage students to take advantage of the vast resources and workshops available.


For Gr. 11 Students

Bearcats & Beyond session – October 2023 

For Gr. 11 Students and Parents

U.S. Mock Admissions (Parents and Students) - February 2024

Letter of Motivation Workshop & UK Personal Statement Workshop (Students) - May 2024

Common App College Essay Workshop (Students) - May 2024

Juniors' Workshops / Sessions:

Bearcats and Beyond Sessions

Bearcats and Beyond starts at the beginning of September and runs into mid-October.  These 6 sessions introduce students to life after ISM whether it be taking a gap year, working, or going off to college/university.  At the end of the sessions, students will be well-equipped to meet with their counselor and parents for the Student Led Post-ISM conference.

Student Led Post - ISM Conference 

These conferences will be held from February-May in Junior Year.  Students will present their slideshow from Bearcats and Beyond - communicating their hopes and aspirations for life after ISM.  Prior to the conference, families are provided with a video from their counselor with extensive information on the university process.  Any questions about the process can be discussed after the student presentation during this meeting.

Essay Writing Help

If you are required to write an essay or letter of motivation, you may want to get started writing this year, or over the summer (we recommend)

Essay Writing Workshop Presentations

View the presentations for each of the essay writing workshop below to further help you polish your essays.

JUKO Country Specific

Take a look at our JUKO Country Presentations to learn more about university options around the world.

Juniors' Important Links / Docs:

Junior Year Timeline:

Junior Year Timeline for Open House