ISM High School 

Peer Counseling

For Students, From Students

What is Peer Counseling?

Established in fall 2018, the ISM Peer Counseling program was created to support the social, emotional, and overall well-being of ISM students. Often, teenagers find it easier to talk to another teenager, rather than talking to an adult. As trained active listeners, ISM Peer Counselors provide free CONFIDENTIAL support in a non-judgmental capacity where students can openly share their feelings, thoughts, and concerns, and in turn, be provided with support, encouragement, and resource information. In addition, ISM Peer Counselors can also provide referral information for students seeking more professional or specialized help. 

Interested in becoming a Peer Counselor?

Those interested in becoming a peer counselor can apply in the spring and if selected, enroll in the introductory course as part of their weekly high school schedule the following year. Once students have successfully completed the first year course, they are eligible to take the Advanced Peer Counseling course the following year. Peer Counseling is a wonderful way to give back to your community by providing social/emotional support and encouragement to your peers in a time of need. If this opportunity interests you, take a look at the course syllabus for more information.

If you have any questions about the program, please email Mrs. Mayo or Mr. Paulson.