Your health and well-being are our number one priority!

It gives us all great pleasure to warmly welcome you to International School Manila. Whether you are with us for just a year or for the remainder of your high school years, we wish you every success here at ISM. We are here to support you through a range of different issues and during challenging times throughout your life while you journey through high school and beyond.

The High School Counseling Department aims to help each individual student achieve academic and personal success. We have seven Counselors whose primary role is to assist you with any academic, personal, social, or emotional concerns you may have, both individually and in small groups. Additionally, we play a large role in college and career counseling. All students are encouraged to see their Counselors several times throughout the school year. The atmosphere in the Counseling Center is friendly and informal and the Counselors are very accessible. Students may drop in at any time – before or after school, during study hall blocks, or during breaks and lunch. We can help you with your high school planning, decision making, goal setting, fostering well-being, and finding balance in your hectic lives.

Essentially, our top three tips for success at ISM are pretty straightforward:

    • Be true to yourself - explore who you really are and channel that into the courses and co-curricular activities you can participate in.

    • Communicate with your new classmates, your teachers, coaches, parents, other ISM personnel, and counselors. If you ever have a concern about anything, do not hesitate to drop by one of the counselors’ offices for a chat.

    • Do your best in all you do.

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