Frequently Asked Questions

When will I get my HS schedule?

If you have completed the admissions process, you will receive your schedule on the day of the New Student Orientation. If you are still needing to complete the admissions process, you will receive your schedule as soon as that is complete.

What types of co-curricular activities do you have and how do I join?

If you start school before September, you can attend the Club Expo where sign-ups will be available for all co-curricular activities. If you start after August, then talk to your Counselor so they can connect you to our student leaders or email Mr. Woods at for further information.

What types of sports do you have? How do I join?

Sports are divided into three seasons and each team is chosen through tryouts. You can also visit the Athletics blog for more information:

Season 1: Soccer, Volleyball, Cross Country

Season 2: Basketball, Tennis, Rugby/Touch, Swimming

Season 3: Track & Field, Golf, Baseball/Softball, Badminton