If you are new to the country, welcome to the Philippines! We hope you’ve had a memorable summer, and are super stoked to start the school year and welcome you to the International School Manila family

As the home of the Bearcats, ISM aims to help us grow into well-balanced, well-rounded individuals through the many sports, clubs, councils, arts, and service opportunities offered by the school. We also aim to be students with Integrity, Service, and Merit: values that have helped us in life as people. With the great diversity found at ISM, we are confident that you will find your place in our school

The mission of the Student Ambassadors aims to promote the overall well being of the members of the ISM community, especially new members of our wonderful family. In short, we’re here to help you adjust to your new environment that we’ve learned the ins and outs of. We are a very diverse group of students in terms of our interests, our backgrounds, and the amount of time we’ve spent at ISM. However, we share the passion of making sure you feel as welcome, comfortable, and happy as possible in your new home. As such, feel free to find any of us if you have any questions or concerns.

All the changes that come with moving to a new school are never easy, and we understand how overwhelming the feeling of excitement yet fear a big change like this can bring. Although we cannot promise that your first few days will be smooth sailing, we can promise that we will always be there for you when you need our support! School is always a struggle, but the student ambassadors hope to turn it into a fun and memorable one. We have all come to love ISM and treat it as our second home, and we hope that with our help, so will you.

Welcome to our family!

The Student Ambassadors